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Category Archive: JCT Contracts


COVID-19 and Future Construction Contracts – How Can You Minimise the Risk?

March 26, 2020| Construction, Construction Contracts, JCT Contracts, NEC Contracts

Whilst no one yet knows the full extent of the potential implications of COVID-19 on the construction industry, it is now inevitable that almost all construction companies are going to be affected in some way. Contractors are likely to be … read more


When is a Contract Formed?

March 8, 2019| Construction, Construction Contracts, JCT Contracts, Letters of Intent

Parties often face tight deadlines and are eager to commence works as soon as possible. As a result, letters of intent are commonly used within the construction industry on the joint understanding that a formal contract will be executed soon … read more

“Smash and Grab” Adjudications – S&T v Grove: The Appeal

November 7, 2018| Adjudication, JCT Contracts

In February this year, Coulson J, as he then was, handed down judgment from the Technology and Construction Court (“TCC”) in the case of Grove Developments Limited (“Grove”) v S&T (UK) Limited (“S&T”). His decision threw significant doubt on the … read more


Extensions of Time and Concurrent Delay

October 5, 2017| Construction Contracts, JCT Contracts, Liquidated Damages

It is common for employers to include clauses in building contracts to the effect that the contractor is not entitled to an extension of time where there is concurrent delay. Until recently, it was not known whether such clauses are … read more

Failure to Give Payment Notices and Pay Less Notices on Time

March 22, 2017| Adjudication, JCT Contracts, Payment

The recent case of Kersfield Developments (Bridge Road) Ltd v Bray and Slaughter Ltd (2017) is one of the latest in a long line of disputes about payment applications becoming due automatically in cases where the paying party has failed … read more