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Category Archive: Letters of Intent


When is a Contract Formed?

March 8, 2019| Construction, Construction Contracts, JCT Contracts, Letters of Intent

Parties often face tight deadlines and are eager to commence works as soon as possible. As a result, letters of intent are commonly used within the construction industry on the joint understanding that a formal contract will be executed soon … read more


Letters of Intent – A Tale of Uncertain Terms

October 19, 2018| Letters of Intent

In the recent case of Arcadis Consulting (UK) Ltd v AMEC (BCS) Ltd, the Court of Appeal overturned the decision of Coulson J (then of the Technology and Construction Court). Contrary to Coulson J’s Judgment, it was held that, the … read more

Annual Review of 2012

December 17, 2012| Construction Contracts, JCT Contracts, Letters of Intent, Liquidated Damages

There have been many important and interesting developments in construction law recently. It is essential for everyone who works in the construction industry to maintain a working knowledge of the latest legal changes so that they remain up to date … read more

Construction Scene

Duties of Project Managers, Letters of Intent, Liquidated Damages & Limitations of Liability

September 5, 2012| Construction Contracts, Letters of Intent, Liquidated Damages, Professional Consultants

Does a Project Manager owe a duty to ensure the building contract is executed? Can you deduct LADs if the building contract has not been signed? Can you limit your liability to much less than the amount you are insured … read more


Letters of Intent – 5 Key Questions

June 26, 2012| Construction, Construction Contracts, Letters of Intent

Do you understand the legal implications of entering into a Letter of Intent? Letters of Intent (“LOI”) are commonly used within the construction industry to enable works to commence before detailed contract terms are agreed. Whilst LOIs can be beneficial, … read more