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Category Archive: Professional Consultants


NEC3: Compensation Events and the Time Bar

September 23, 2014| NEC3 Contracts, Professional Consultants

It is widely known that the NEC3 compensation event process includes a requirement for compensation events to be notified within a specific timescale, failing which, entitlement to the compensation event in question is lost. However, the important exception to this … read more


The Role of the Project Monitor and the Importance of Checking Vesting Certificates

August 13, 2014| Construction Contracts, Professional Consultants

Financial institutions which provide funding for construction projects often appoint a project monitor (also known as a monitoring surveyor) to provide them with independent advice on the project and the risks associated with it. This allows the funder to make … read more

Design Responsibility – What Have You Signed Up To?

June 11, 2014| Construction Contracts, Professional Consultants

One of the most important issues for contractors to consider when entering into contracts is the level of responsibility they will assume in relation to design. This is a complex issue which has important implications for professional indemnity insurance cover … read more

Net Contribution Clauses – Are They Enforceable?

April 10, 2014| Construction Contracts, Professional Consultants

Defective construction work is often more than one party’s fault. English law allows the employer to pursue any or all of the parties responsible for a defect, regardless of the extent to which they contributed to it. If the employer … read more

Excluding and Limiting Liability – Traps to Look Out For

June 20, 2013| Construction Contracts, Dispute Resolution, Professional Consultants

In the recent case of Elvanite Full Circle Limited v AMEC Earth & Environment (UK) Limited, Elvanite sued AMEC for loss of profit on a failed property development transaction, but was unable to recover damages because AMEC had limited its … read more