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Indemnity Costs Orders – Guidance from the Court of Appeal

February 17, 2020| Construction, Construction Contracts, Dispute Resolution

In the case of Lejonvarn v Burgess & Anr the Court of Appeal considered whether a claimant’s conduct during litigation, including its “haphazard and spray gun” case, justified an award for indemnity costs to the defendant. Background The defendant, an … read more

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What Amounts to ‘Reasonable Endeavours’?

February 10, 2020| Construction, Construction Contracts, Dispute Resolution

In contrast to a ‘best endeavours’ obligation, a contractual obligation to use ‘reasonable endeavours’ will generally only require a party to take one of a number of reasonable courses of action in order to discharge the obligation. In addition, a … read more


Will the TCC Interfere in Ongoing Adjudications?

January 28, 2020| Adjudication, Construction, Construction Contracts, Dispute Resolution

In the case of Billingford Holdings Ltd & BFL Trade Ltd v SMC Building Solutions Ltd and another [2019], the court rejected an urgent application for injunctive relief attempting to prevent an adjudicator and the other party to an adjudication … read more

Is Payment Required for the Vesting of Materials Under a Vesting Certificate?

January 13, 2020| Construction, Construction Contracts, Vesting Certificates

In the recent case of VVB M&E Group Limited & Anor v Optilan (UK) Limited, the court considered the terms of two ambiguously worded vesting certificates to determine whether ownership of materials had vested in the transferee. Background In 2015, … read more


Implied Terms Relating to Discretionary Assessments

December 17, 2019| Construction, Construction Contracts

In the recent case of Everwarm Limited v BN Rendering Limited, the court considered a claim by Everwarm Limited (“Everwarm”) relating to an alleged overpayment of £798,468 to BN Rendering Limited (“BN”), and a counterclaim by BN in relation to … read more