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Life after S&T v Grove; TCC Guidance on ‘Smash and Grab’

February 25, 2019| Adjudication, Construction, Construction Contracts, Dispute Resolution

In M Davenport Builders Ltd v Greer & Anor [2019], one of the first cases to consider the enforcement of a ‘smash and grab’ adjudication since the Court of Appeal’s landmark ruling in S&T(UK) Ltd v Grove Developments Ltd [2018], … read more


Is Challenging an Adjudicator’s Decision by Using Enforcement Proceedings an Abuse of Process?

February 14, 2019| Adjudication, Construction, Construction Contracts, Dispute Resolution, Enforcement

The courts have adopted a swift approach to adjudication enforcement. However, in the recent case of Amey LG Limited (“ALG”) v Amey Birmingham Highways Limited (“ABHL”), ALG sought to use that same process to have an adjudicator’s decision declared a … read more

Adjudication and Insolvency

January 31, 2019| Adjudication, Construction, Construction Contracts, Insolvency

In the case of Michael J Lonsdale (Electrical) Limited v Bresco Electrical Services Limited (in liquidation), the Technology and Construction Court (“TCC”) provided an unequivocal statement that a company in liquidation could not refer a dispute to adjudication. However, in … read more

Construction Scene

Does a Material Breach of Contract Preclude Practical Completion?

January 28, 2019| Construction, Construction Contracts, Practical Completion

In the recent TCC case of Mears Limited v Costplan Services (South East) Limited & Others [2018], the court considered the meaning of ‘practical completion’ and whether a material variation and breach of a contract term will prevent achieving the … read more


‘Blowing Hot and Cold’: Adjudicators’ Jurisdiction and the Principle of Approbation and Reprobation

January 21, 2019| Adjudication, Construction, Construction Contracts, Dispute Resolution

If the wrong route to the appointment of an adjudicator has been taken, the adjudicator will not have jurisdiction. However, a party cannot approbate and reprobate, or ‘blow hot and cold’, in relation to the validity of an adjudicator’s decision. … read more